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The Department of the Environment and Heritage (Environment Australia), a major environmental agency of Australian Government which advises the Government on policies and programmes for the protection and conservation of the environment, including both natural and cultural heritage places. The portfolio consists of: Environment Australia including 1.the Australian Antarctic Division 2.the Supervising Scientist Division 3.Five statutory authorities: 4.the Australian Heritage Council 5.the Director of National Parks 6.the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 7.the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator 8.the Sydney Habour Federation Trust; and 9.Three executive agencies: 10.the Australian Geenhouse Office 11.the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology 12.the National Oceans Office 13.The portfolios role is to achieve three major outcomes for the Commonwealth Government: 14.The environment is protected and conserved; 15.Australia benefits from meteorological and related sciences and services; and 16.Australias interests in Antarctica are advanced.
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