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Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for City of Matale, Sri Lanka

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City of Matale a small city in the Central province boasts a history dating back to over two millennia but today developing into a commercial and residential suburban city. The Municipal Council of Matale has faced similar problems like all other local government authorities in carrying out effective solid waste management to the satisfaction of the community. The Mayor of Matale and his elected representatives as well as the key Government officials are committed to make the city of Matale Clean & Green. Recognizing the commitment and the request for assistance by Matale Municipal Council (MMC), International Environmental Technology Centre(IETC) of United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) in Japan decided to provide technical and financial assistance to develop a ISWM action plan for Matale. National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka an institute under UNIDO was identified as the local partner to provide technical assistance and serve as the local counterpart. The three partners enter into formal agreements and the project was launched in November with a awareness seminar and a training workshop.

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Stakeholders' consultation workshops for IWM plan Pune

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Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are in the process of formulating the Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) Plan for Pune. The Plan for Pune has been developed using the Strategic Planning Process. This Report for the ISWM project for Pune city aims to present the summary of the Stakeholders’ consultative workshops held to facilitate the planning process.

Schemes proposed under Strategic Action Plan for ISWM plan Pune Vol 2

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The Schemes for Strategic Action Plan were generated to support the goals and objectives. In order to categorise the Schemes at operational level, five themes were identified based on the “functional nature”. These themes include, • Assessment and Development • 3R Initiatives • Infrastructure Development • Awareness and Promotion • Capacity Building and Partnerships

Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2012

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The segregated waste shall be collected, stored and transported for disposal at the designed site within the area, if any; ensure that the receptacle and other waste collection and storage compartments are designed to avoid scavenging by scavengers and subsequent spillage and spread of waste around public places; where there is no disposal site, the waste is collected and taken back for its disposal to a designated site by the authority.

Bhutan: State of the Environment 2001

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Bhutan has so far successfully managed the process of development and ensured a harmonious balance between modern economic forces, traditional social values and the natural environment. But as the country enters the next phase of development, it faces a set of new challenges. Till now, the development effort was, to a large extent, limited to basic tasks such as building infrastructure, constructing roads and opening health care centres and schools. Today, this physical foundation is largely in place. Now, the focus has to be on ensuring that the public provisioning of basic social services is of good quality, and at the same time is equitable and efficient. Already, the public outlay on health, education, water supply and sanitation accounts for more than 20% of the Government’s expenditure. But as the population increases, and more and more people expect to have improved access to these basic social services, the burden on the exchequer can only increase (Planning Commission 2000).

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